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Sell my place quick - Behind on your payments

Behind on your payments?

Are you receiving final notices on your back taxes or mortgage?

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Sell my place quick - Solve your Property problem

Have a problem property?

Did you get left holding the bag when you went through the divorce?

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Sell my place quick - hate landlording

Hate Landlording?

Are you tired of being a landlord? After dealing with an eviction, did the tenants leave the house trashed?

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We very much enjoy buying houses and mobile homes in Bartow and Gordon County. We also like Cobb and Whitefield County. So if you need to sell quick from Kennesaw to Cartersville, Calhoun to Dalton and anywhere in between, please fill out the form on the right and we will get someone in touch with you ASAP.


    Have you looked into loan modifications and short sales trying to stop the foreclosure? Are you having to considering Bankruptcy?

    Getting behind on your payments is something that could happen to anyone. But we are here to help

    Saved From Forclosure

    Did you inherited an unwanted property that you’re worried you can’t get rid of it because of it’s condition? Are you stuck trying to get a loan to pay for the repairs?
    Don’t fix it, sell it.

    She inherited a problem property

    Kathy took care of her Mom and Dad until they passed four years ago. After the house went through probate, none of the brothers and sisters wanted to help financially to fix it up. So she was stuck with the maintenance, taxes and not enough money to fix it up by herself – so the house was left vacant.
    Soon, the roof began to leak and the house began to deteriorate. What was she to do?
    She contacted us and we bough the house without here having to do any repairs. We paid her back taxes, and took that problem off her back.
    Did a job transfer or some other life change leave you with no other option than to become a landlord?
    We can make the headaches go away.

    Unexpected Landlord

    Sell my place quick - Veteran
    I (Joey)  recently sat down with a property owner who was about to become a landlord unexpectedly. You’d be surprised how often this happens. Their scenarios range from inheriting property to going through a divorce or even just experiencing a job transfer. This particular owner falls into the last category. He’s being deployed overseas and received about a months’ notice.
    Like I said — unexpected landlord.
    Before I get too far into this one, I have to tell you how impressed I am with our men and women who serve our military. I was sitting there with this career serviceman who was about to go on active duty in a place where hazard pay is warranted (that should tell you something).
    Neither the potential danger of the place he was going, nor the fact people would be shooting at him seemed to faze him. Instead, his main worry was about making sure his house was taken care of while he was gone.
    I can’t quite get my head around just how mentally prepared this man was to go serve our country. Although he was very aware of the threats that awaited him, he was more worried about his house than personal danger. There’s only one way to describe this: They call it Army Strong, and I stand in awe.
    As we sat at his kitchen table, I looked him in the eye and told him I would take care of his property like it was one of my own while he was gone. That seemed to make the worry melt away.
    Our team at Focus Property Solutions counted it as a privilege to serve someone who is going off to serve our country. And we were happy to do it.

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