We have a reward system we call the “birddog bonus.” It works like this:

Anthony knew someone who had inherited a house they didn’t want. He told us about it, put us in contact with the owner and even put in a good word for us. We bought the property. Had Anthony not called us about it, we never would have known about that house. So to say thank you for the referral, we rewarded him with a “Birddog Bonus” -AKA CA$H.

How would you like to get paid for helping a friend out? Well that is exactly what Andy did. He told us about a co-worker that needed to sell quick. We closed on the house, and showed up at his work with a check! He didn’t even know we did that. We were glad to pay him and we will be glad to pay you too!

When someone tells us about a house for sale, and we buy it, we pay them back with cold hard CASH. Here Monica is getting yet another birddog bonus because she has helped us buy multiple properties… And got paid every time.

Matt over here turned us on to a mobile home someone needed to sell quickly. We closed on it and got him a check the next day!

For referring us to a seller, we would like to reward you with a Birddog Bonus of at least $250. To get started, fill out the form below. If we buy the house, we will contact you with a check the very next day!


Referral Program